Transforming regenerative agriculture from the ground up.

Fundamentally different: Today’s global agricultural leaders turn to Jord and its proprietary technology to significantly boost microbial effectiveness and consistency.

They’re small. But they’re incredibly mighty. Jord BioScience technology is proven to increase the capacity of existing microbial solutions to protect, stimulate and feed plants. Our proprietary technology and formulations work with the commercial inoculants and indigenous soil’s naturally occurring biomes to significantly boost and optimize the effectiveness and consistency of existing microbial solutions. We stand at the forefront of the microbial movement today so you can more quickly and confidently deliver on the promise of regenerative agriculture.

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Now Partnering to Improve Your Agricultural Microbial Solutions

Protect Crops

Targeted Control

Beneficial microbial inoculants work with commercial inoculants and indigenous soil communities to inhibit pathogens and reduce reliance on chemical pesticides and synthetic inputs, all while driving increased profitability.


Using Jord with a representative commercial inoculant for pathogen suppression resulted in a 135% improvement in microbial performance and effectiveness compared to using the same inoculant without Jord.

Stimulate Yield

Stronger Performance

Jord interacts with commercial inoculants and naturally occurring soil microbes, optimizing microbiomes and maximizing crop productivity and yields.


Pairing Jord with a commercial microbial stimulant resulted in a 20% increase in above-ground biomass and a 15% increase in below-ground root mass compared to using the same product without Jord.

Feed Growth

Healthier Plants

Looking for new ways to enhance phosphate availability? There’s an isolate for that — more than one in fact. Our proprietary solutions can help you turn up functional capacity and reduce inoculant concentrations leading to more sustainable solutions and driving down the cost of goods sold.


Jord technology increased the effectiveness of an existing commercial product in phosphate solubilization by 158%, and zinc solubilization by 65%.


Jord Technology Strengthens Commercial Inoculants to Protect, Feed and Stimulate Plant Growth

The result is unparalleled plant health and yield consistency across major crop systems including corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa, sorghum, potato, rice and many more.

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