Collaborative Disruption to Amplify Results

Jord exists to make the agricultural biologicals industry better, by leveraging interactions for success. We bring forward the fundamental belief that we must do better as an industry – bringing forward a biology playbook that leverages how microbes interact – to collaboratively design better microbial products from the ground up. Farmers deserve better tools, and we have technology and insights to deliver. Jord BioScience is unique in that it has developed and offers an extensive, proprietary microbial technology that bolsters existing inoculants.

Partnering and Collaborating for Success

With the microbial market expected to nearly double in value to $19 billion by 2026, the world’s agricultural companies are racing to achieve leader status. The time is now. Let us help boost your regenerative agriculture R&D and product lineup. While other natural solutions have yet to match the year-to-year performance of synthetic products, our customized microbial solutions are proven to deliver results that scale while also offering ag companies a faster, more cost-effective approach to product differentiation, life cycle management, and revenue. We focus on microbial inoculants that partner with existing inoculants and indigenous soil communities to support high-yielding, healthy and sustainable crop production systems. We make current and future microbial products more effective and consistent each year across environments.

How it Works

Microbes don’t live in isolation. They interact. Using our proprietary microbial technologies and 30+ years of data and insights to stimulate microbial isolates in synergistic combinations, we enhance the ability of microbes to work in harmony to promote plant performance across a variety of crop systems. Based upon a rich collection of more than 6,000 microbial isolates from diverse global soils, we can confidently deliver targeted microbial-based technologies to improve the performance of existing commercial inoculants.

Technology that Delivers Results

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