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There are more than 250 microbial companies in the market today. Jord BioScience is unique in that it has developed and offers an extensive, proprietary microbial technology that bolsters existing inoculants and introduces all-new, fully customizable solutions for naturally protecting crops, stimulating yield and feeding growth. With the microbial market expected to nearly double in value to $19 billion by 2026, the world’s agricultural companies are racing to achieve leader status. The time is now. Let us help boost your regenerative agriculture R&D and product lineup.

Now Partnering and Collaborating for Success

Increasing regulations have reduced the availability of new chemical pesticides and chemical-induced reductions in soil biodiversity can have detrimental impacts on crop performance; both realities open the door for effective microbial products. While other natural solutions have yet to match the year-to-year performance of synthetic products, our customized microbial boost formulations are proven to deliver results that can scale while also offering ag companies a faster, more cost-effective approach to product commercialization, application and revenue. We focus on microbial inoculants that partner with existing inoculants and indigenous soil communities to support high-yielding, healthy and sustainable crop production systems. We make current and future microbial products more effective and consistent each year across environments.

Protect without synthetic pesticides

Improve performance and consistency of commercial inoculants to suppress pathogens.

Stimulate without chemical additives

Enhance plant growth promotion by commercial inoculants to advance crop yields.

Feed without synthetic fertilizer

Increase phosphate and zinc solubilization and nutrient provision of commercial inoculants.

How it Works

Using our proprietary microbial technologies to stimulate microbial isolates in synergistic combinations, we enhance the ability of microbes to work in harmony to promote plant performance across a variety of crop systems including corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa, sorghum, potato, rice and many more. Based upon a rich collection of more than 6,000 microbial isolates from diverse global soils, we can confidently deliver targeted microbial-based technologies to improve the performance of existing commercial inoculants.


Proprietary Jord technology boosts microbial activity.


Microbial formulations and applications can be customized based upon soil, plant and productivity goals.


We partner with commercial ag companies to complement and improve existing microbial solutions.


Targeted applications to protect, stimulate and feed crops.


Microbial effectiveness and consistency are achievable and significant at scale.

Technology that Delivers Results

Protect: Jord Technology Improves Pathogen Suppression

Jord protects and enhances plant growth by dramatically increasing pathogen suppression when combined with existing commercial inoculants. This includes but is not limited to significantly enhanced protection when combined with three of the major bacterial and fungal genera in ag biologics: Bacillus spp., Streptomyces spp., and Trichoderma spp.. This performance ensures ag companies can confidently root out pathogens that limit plant growth and profitability.

Increases Pathogen Suppression Against:
Colletotrichum spp.
Fusarium spp.
Pectobacterium spp.
Phytophthora spp.
Phytopythium spp.
Pythium spp.
Rhizoctonia spp.
Sclerotinia spp.
Streptomyces spp.
Verticillium spp.

Protect: Jord Technology Increases Consistency of Microbial Performance Even in Adverse Conditions

Jord excels in delivering consistent results across diverse field conditions. For example, when combined with existing commercial inoculants and comparing microbial performance associated with pathogen inhibition moving from a high-nutrient to a low-nutrient setting, products without Jord are essentially ineffective (a 100 percent drop) whereas products with Jord maintained 82% of their effectiveness (experiencing just an 18% drop). This performance ensures ag companies can achieve the consistency needed for successful annual harvests regardless of field variability or adverse condition.


Products with Jord maintained 82% of their effectiveness when moving from a high-nutrient to a low-nutrient setting compared to 0% in products without Jord.

Stimulate: Jord Technology Amplifies Increases in Plant Biomass

Jord stimulates increased plant growth both above and below the ground when paired with commercial products. This ensures ag companies reap the financial benefits of high yields in the field and in the markets they serve.

Feed: Jord Technology Increases and Unlocks Nutrient Performance

Adding Jord microbial technology to existing commercial products increases the availability and release of key nutrients, including but not limited to phosphate and zinc. Data show pairing Jord with an existing microbial product can increase phosphate availability by 158% and zinc availability by 65%. Other nutrients Jord helps significantly activate include nitrogen, potassium, iron and other essential minerals. This performance ensures ag companies’ efforts to nurture and fertilize plant growth are met with consistent and effective results.

Feed: Jord Technology Enhances Consistent Performance, Reducing Required Inoculant Volumes

Taking phosphate solubilization, for example, using Jord with a representative commercial inoculant diluted to 1/100 of its concentration resulted in a 45% increase in nutrient availability compared to using a fully concentrated version of the same commercial inoculant without Jord. This performance allows ag companies’ to dramatically reduce the amount of inoculant necessary to drive performance, leading to lower cost of goods and increased sustainability.


Using Jord with an inoculant diluted to 1/100 concentration STILL delivers a 45%+ improvement in nutrient availability compared to a fully concentrated inoculant.

Feed: Jord Technology Boosts Performance Across 30+ Microbial Genera

With benefits ranging from nutrient solubilization and nitrogen fixation to mineral acquisition and pathogen protection, Jord can positively address the functional performance across more than 30 microbial genera.

  • Acidovorax spp.
  • Azospirillum spp.
  • Bacillus spp.
  • Beauveria spp.
  • Bradyrhizobium spp.
  • Burkholderia spp.
  • Candida spp.
  • Chromobacterium spp.
  • Citrobacter spp.
  • Comamonas spp.
  • Delftia spp.
  • Enterobacter spp.
  • Geobacter spp.
  • Gigaspora spp.
  • Gliocladium spp.
  • Glomus spp.
  • Klebsiella spp.
  • Lactobacillus spp.
  • Mesorhizobium spp.
  • Methylotroph spp.
  • Mycorrhizae spp.
  • Paraglomus spp.
  • Pseudomonas spp.
  • Reynoutria spp.
  • Rhizobium spp.
  • Rhizophagus spp.
  • Rhodococcus spp.
  • Saccharomyces spp.
  • Streptomyces spp.
  • Swinglea spp.
  • Talaromyces spp.
  • Trichoderma spp.
  • Ulocladium spp.

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